Rising from the Ashes

About Alexandra & What To Expect From A Session

I am an Intuitive Energy Healer that has been practicing energy healing for the last 10 years. I am very grateful to have gifts of clairaudience (clear-hearing), clairsentience (clear-sensing or feeling), claircognizance (clear-knowing) & channeling (transmission of Divine healing energy).

My path to this work came from a very traumatic childhood upbringing that stemmed from deep family issues and abuse. As I came into adulthood, my sister encouraged me to deal with my past. I was struggling through my life with unhealthy partners, being a workaholic and always needing to prove myself to everyone, and making poor choices for myself.  In 2004, I saw my first Energy Healer in London when I was visiting her. It was the most deeply moving experience I ever had and I felt the raw pain I had been holding onto for so long start to physically move. It is then that I began my journey of learning all about Energy Healing and seeing Energy Healers for my own self-healing. I realized by visiting the pains of the past and the deep stories that were so routed to the triggers of my present, I was able to finally let go and live a happy and prosperous life. I was so deeply moved by the work and the fact I made it to the other side, where most people don’t have the power to. From that moment on I promised I would help others see that you can move past trauma and get to a place that is filled with light, love, happiness, and fulfillment.

My gifts started when I attended an Energy Healing conference for my own healing and it was like my soul awakened. From that moment on I was able to intuitively be able to feel and sense things in people’s bodies, what energy they were holding, and being able to move the energy with my hands. In January of 2021, I took an intuition class to further develop my intuitive channeling and it was like I stepped into my purpose. My channeling abilities opened up completely and information started coming through me quickly and loudly. I started incorporating the channeling in my work and my clients really connected the messages being received. In 2021 I took a year-long Psychotherapist certification and was able to get registered as an unlicensed Psychotherapist. With this work, I learned about Regression Therapy and how to let go of the old pain, defensive emotions, and toxic energies I had buried for so long. For the first time in my life, I was able to cry for the little girl that had suffered so long.

In a session with me, you will receive a full-body Chakra Healing that includes channeling messages from your Guides and Angels, downloading what you are holding in each chakra, and energetically breaking up and moving out energy stored there. Within my work, I incorporate crystals, tuning forks, essential oils, and Tibetan Sound Bowls to help move the even deeper stuck energies that exist. After a session, a client will feel relaxed, clear-headed, and emotionally balanced. Energy healing clears so many things from stress, anxiety, mental chattering, physical body pains and accidents, digestive issues, back pains, headaches, and even addictive behaviors. It also helps with motivation, energy levels, and being connected to your soul so you feel the experiences of your life not just feel like you’re watching your life happen.

I am currently finishing my licensure to become a Sound Vibration Therapist with Atma Buti School of Sound and Vibration School. I have been able to incorporate the ancient healing modalities of the bowls into my work and my clients have had profound physical, emotional, and mental shifts in their lives. I also have incorporated Regression Therapy into my clients with traumatic past stories. I have helped clients go back to the old pain, re-live the old story in a safe setting so they could feel the emotion(s) they could not back then because it was not safe too, and then restructure the story so they take their power back. These have been profound experiences for all of my clients and they have been able to see present triggers and unhealthy patterns dissipate.



Rising from the Ashes

I first got involved in Energy Work in 2004 as the trauma in my own life led me to heal my past and unfold my energetic and intuitive capabilities. As a child living in an abusive family situation, I was the light within the darkness. Over the years into adolescence, it was about surviving and holding my space. I received my Reconnection Healing Certification in 2011, and in that time, my energetic and intuitive capabilities awakened. In the years following, I have healed the layers that needed to be shifted and have opened myself to learning how to come into my abilities to heal and help others with their journey. I found a light at the end of my tunnel and how to merge with my own soul again to regain my power. It took years of multiple healing therapies, self-nurturing, and facing all of the emotions that were buried beneath for me to become the healer I am today. It is possible to survive adversity and get to the other side. Still, it takes time and many avenues of self-therapy. I can help you find the courage and self-forgiveness to begin your journey of healing.

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