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Why Work With Alexandra
Transformational Healing To The Core

As the founder of Divine Reconnections, I have had the honor of holding space for all of my clients during their healing journey. I work with clients to get to the source of the blocks within the mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual systems.

The body over time can begin to compact negative energy which results in disruptions, imbalances, mental fog, physical ailments, and shutdown. Your body can only hold so much garbage before it starts to compile and spill over, causing imbalances on every level. I can help release all forms of negative behaviors at the cellular level: traumas, ancestral trauma, repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and mindsets, self-sabotage, internal stress, and judgment so that your body can return to a healthy state.

Inner healing is something you will do for the rest of your life. If you treat it as a priority in your life you will see shifts in your mental, body, emotional, physical, and spiritual systems. Growth cannot happen unless you give it the attention it deserves. Together we will dive deep, discover all the things that need to be let go, and develop tools to always bring your body back into balance.

About Alexandra

I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer who has been practicing energy healing for the last 10 years. My work has encompassed various levels of energy work including energy healing, past life regression, child regression therapy harmonic sound healing, and aromatherapy practices. 

I am very grateful to have gifts of:

  • Clairaudience (clear-hearing),
  • Clairsentience (clear-sensing or feeling)
  • Claircognizance (clear-knowing)
  • Channeling (transmission of Divine healing energy)
  • Psychic Information
Young woman during crystal healing session in therapy room

What A Session Will Do For You: 

Energy and sound healing help release negatively affecting issues caused by things like stress, anxiety, mental fog, emotional trauma, or family breakdowns. Sessions will be customized based on where you are energetically, what you are holding onto, and what needs to be released.

An energy healing session can:

  • Improve physical issues like digestive ailments, headaches, and body pains including back pain
  • Alleviate emotional pain that has resulted from past trauma and/or family issues
  • Calm your body’s operational system so you can feel grounded and in your power
  • Improving your awareness so you can be clear-headed and get through a negative situation with ease
  • Get to the root cause of repetitive negative behaviors

Energy Healing also energizes your motivation to fully engage in life instead of passively watching it happen. It has so many positive benefits and impossible to name all of the amazing benefits it provides!

After a session, you’ll feel calm, relaxed, grounded, and emotionally balanced!

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My Personal Journey from Trauma to Happiness

My path to this work came out of a very traumatic childhood stemming from deep family issues and abuse. After I left home, I struggled with unhealthy romantic relationships, an addiction to work, and the consistent need to prove my worth to everyone.

In 2004, my sister encouraged me to deal with my past. I saw my first Energy Healer while visiting her in London and found it a profoundly moving experience. After the session, I felt the emotional pain that I had been holding onto for so long begin to dissipate. I learned more about Energy Healing as I began to see healers deal with my own issues and pain.

Above all, I learned that only by visiting the pain of the past and understanding how it triggered problems in the present would I finally be able to let go of those issues and live a happy and prosperous life. I was very proud and grateful that I was able to put the pain behind me and find my way to making peace with my past. And I realized that many others hadn’t been as fortunate as I’ve been.  From that moment on I promised myself that I would help as many people as I could move past trauma and get to a place that is filled with light, love, happiness, and fulfillment.

Tuning fork in sound therapy

My Awakening

My gifts started when I attended an Energy Healing conference for my own healing. It was like my soul awakened!

Suddenly I was able to feel and sense things in people’s bodies intuitively. I not only could tell what energy they were holding but was able to move that energy with my hands. In January 2021 I took an intuition class to further develop my intuitive channeling skills and it was like I stepped into my purpose. My channeling abilities opened up completely and information started coming through me quickly and loudly. I started incorporating channeling in my work, and my clients really connected with the messages they received.

In 2021 I took a year-long Psychotherapy course and now use practices from psychotherapy in my work. As part of this work, I learned about Regression Therapy and how to let go of the old pain, defensive emotions, and toxic energies I had buried for so long. For the first time in my life, I was able to cry for the suffering little girl I used to be.

The copper singing bowl of the Nepalese Buddha in the spa. A young beautiful woman is doing a massage with singing bowls in a spa salon against the backdrop of a waterfall.

My Future Path

I‘m currently completing my licensure to become a Sound Vibration Therapist at the Atma Buti School of Sound and Vibration School. Because of this education, I’ve been able to incorporate the ancient healing modalities of Tibetan sound vibration bowls into my work. Using these, my clients have experienced profound physical, emotional, and mental shifts in their lives.

I’ve also used Regression Therapy to help clients with traumatic past stories. This technique enables clients to revisit their old pain in a safe setting, feeling the emotions they couldn’t in the past because it wasn’t safe to do so. Once these emotions were felt, clients were able to restructure their story and take their power back. These have been profound experiences for all of my clients, and they’ve been able to see present triggers and unhealthy patterns dissipate. My hope is to do more of this important work in the years to come.


  • Alex is a highly-attuned energetic healer! She intuitively improved a physical issue with my arm. She offers coaching suggestions so I could continue healing and developing outside of the sessions. Her knowledge and intuitive insights are sure to assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

    LaChelle Amos Client
  • Alex performed remote healing for me and was very impressed with the results! I felt great calmness and relaxation afterward. Alex is a down-to-earth spiritual healer with excellent intuition. She knew which chakras needed work, used multiple healing techniques, and shared her intuitive expertise after the session, leading to further healing.

    Kris Gibbs Client
  • I've done several virtual healing sessions with Alexandra and each one has been more transformative than the last! She is truly a light and a gifted healer – we've been healing some very deep, generational wounds and the expansion that's continuing to unfold is undeniable (even my friends and family have commented on it).

    Makenna Nielsen Client
  • I have had 3 healing sessions now with Alexandra I can already feel the shift and changes. I am excited to continue on this journey of healing with Alexandra. After my last session, I felt more energetic than I have in years and had one of the best days!! I have already told several friends about how she has helped me shift my thinking to allow positive healing changes in my life. One of my friends said she has noticed I seem less stressed and happier over the last month! Thank you again for helping me work through some challenging things during our sessions you truly have a great gift. I am glad you decided to share it with the world. - Nicole Hollenbeck

    Nicole Hollenbeck Client
  • I love seeing Alex...after a session, I felt relaxed and happy. -Elijah Hall

    Elijah Hall Age 13
  • Alex came to my house to perform an energy clearing and it was much more than I expected! She thoughtfully went through every room in the house, saged it thoroughly, strategically placed various crystals in places that needed more help energetically, and gave me guidance on what I could do at a certain time to bring the energy up (rearranging, redecorating, etc). She spent almost 2 hours in my small home, which speaks to how thorough she gets. We immediately felt a shift in the energy of our home. She even gave my 11-year-old son spray to help him feel more relaxed in his room (which had the heaviest energy). Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness is top-tier. Highly recommend her services. - Tiffany B.

    Tiffany B.


Rising from the Ashes

I first got involved in Energy Work in 2004 as the trauma in my own life led me to heal my past and unfold my energetic and intuitive capabilities. As a child living in an abusive family situation, I was the light within the darkness. Over the years into adolescence, it was about surviving and holding my space. I received my Reconnection Healing Certification in 2011, and in that time, my energetic and intuitive capabilities awakened. In the years following, I have healed the layers that needed to be shifted and have opened myself to learning how to come into my abilities to heal and help others with their journey. I found a light at the end of my tunnel and how to merge with my own soul again to regain my power. It took years of multiple healing therapies, self-nurturing, and facing all of the emotions that were buried beneath for me to become the healer I am today. It is possible to survive adversity and get to the other side. Still, it takes time and many avenues of self-therapy. I can help you find the courage and self-forgiveness to begin your journey of healing.

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