Child Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression

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Why Old Memories are Like that Embarrassing Yearbook Photo

Remember those old yearbook photos with the awkward haircuts? Just like we cringe looking at our fashion choices, sometimes our life choices – from this life and possibly past ones – make us wonder. Past life regressions might just be the “yearbook” of your soul’s journey. Curious? Let’s dive in!

The Artistry of Rediscovery

Ever rediscovered a hidden talent? Like drawing or, say, juggling? Sometimes, diving into our past can unleash that inner artist we forgot or didn’t know we had. And just like that one friend who discovered they’re a great karaoke singer at 30, you might be sitting on a goldmine of talent!

Reading Life’s Fine Print

You know those contracts we apparently sign before coming into this life? (Kidding! Or am I?) They seem to dictate our challenges, lessons, and repeated patterns. But what if you could understand, even rewrite some clauses? Or, you know, end them?

Unpacking the Heavy Rocks of Our Past

Imagine life as a backpacking journey. Over time, we collect rocks (memories, traumas, experiences) and add them to our bag. Some rocks are like ‘why-did-I-ever-pick-this-up’ heavy. With insights from past life regressions, you can finally understand those rocks and maybe even toss a few unnecessary ones out!

Why Permission is the Best Gift to Self

Remember asking permission to stay up late as a kid? Sometimes, as adults, we forget we have the power to grant ourselves permission, especially to let go of past burdens. It’s like holding onto that expired coupon. Time to toss it!

When “Let’s Do It Again” Isn’t Always Fun

Reincarnation: nature’s way of saying “let’s give it another shot!” But do we always want to? Understanding our past can help ensure we don’t end up with “repeat episodes”. Think of it as binge-watching your soul’s journey, but with the power to change the script for the next season.

Conclusion: Ready for Your Soul’s Yearbook?

Just like those old yearbook photos, our past, whether from this life or others, can be a mix of cringe, laughter, and profound moments. But the beauty is, we have the power to interpret, learn, and shape our future stories. So, got a little time for some soulful chuckles and discoveries? Check out the full video on past life regressions; you might just find your new favorite “episode” of your life’s series!


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