Inspiration In The Time of Corona Virus Outbreak

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These are challenging times right now and it is compounded by the social distancing most of us are facing. The side of this is that it is also causing us to re-assess our life, the activities that fuel our day, and waking up the creative juices that have lain dormant.

Before the Corona Virus was here I was literally telling a friend that I needed something to give. I was so busy with my current professional job, trying to get my business completed and launched, changing my eating habits, finishing a year long class, working out, keeping my relationship going, and having to deal with losing a parent this year. I kept saying that I needed an extended break, a pause or respite that could let me recharge. Voila and here it is. This is not a way that I expected to recharge or slow down but the Universe does not always ask permission.

The first week I allowed myself to just let my body dictate what it needed and just respond to it but now I feel the itch of restlessness creep in. I realized I needed to shift some energy around myself and my home. I started to think what are some creative things I can do to inspire me and propel my momentum. I sat down and began to write. I wrote about my frustrations and the stagnant energy, as well as ideas that would be fun to do. Writing down positive statements, stories, and just doing the act of pen to paper without thinking can be very powerful. I always ask my guides and angels to channel through me and tell me what I need to consider. The answers always do come and I let the the ideas flow through me. I write the ideas in a journal I love, whenever they come to me so I do not forget.

I then tackle things bit by bit and congratulate me on my achievement of tackling that one thing. You don’t need to spend hours, just the act of spending even 10 -20 minutes can shift the energy dramatically! Have fun with it, change things up. I created a calendar of activities and have different colored post-it-notes on the calendar. When I achieve the activity, I mark it off. Visualization is powerful not only for inspiration but accountability.

What are some things I do that might inspire you in your social distancing journey?

  • Mediation – I mediate 2-3 times a week. I am not even perfect in the daily art of mediation. I find when I DO mediate my brain feels more charged for the day and I feel calm and relaxed. I even mediate when I have had a hard moment at work and am feeling extra stressed after work. Listening to mediation music with headphones on so you can unplug from those around you is very beneficial. It really makes you feel like your body is resonating the energetic vibration of the music.
  • Baths – Nothing is better at relieving stress than a bath. Putting some soft suds, some candles around the tub, and some crystals near you helps release that built up tension. Put a sign on your door that says Meeting in Progress so people leave you alone for 20 minutes.
  • Journal, journal, journal. Nothing releases more than writing it down. It is a great way to purge your feelings. It can also be a great beginning and ending to your day. I often write in my journal in the morning when I am having my coffee and I write my gratitude list at night when I go to sleep. This is a very strong manifestation tool to help you put the energy of desire out there!
  • Watch something happy. This is a great endorsement release! Watch something romantic and corny or even something funny. When you are feeling happy and light those little endorphin cells are firing and making you feel that blissful feeling. Everyone has their shows but try to choose one thing a week that can really make you connect to those feelings inside of you.
  • Re-organize something in your house. We are all doing this all of a sudden, our closets, bedrooms, office, those old sock drawers that look like they are overflowing….I recently re-organized my office space to shift the energy and get the Fung Shui energy stronger in that room. It felt so good to de-clutter and I could feel the shift in the room. Feng Shi is a concept of strategically placing items in a certain place in your home to generate a particular energetic desired effect. When you follow these practices you will see how the flow of energy in a room because balanced and more airy. (I will do a Feng Shui blog if there is desire). A good example I am sure you all can relate to is your closets. My closet makes me claustrophobic, it is small and the chi is not very strong in there compared to the rest of my house. Thus, that is my future project!
  • Games – Play some games, get your brain moving and thinking. Whether it is bored games like Uno or Rummikub (one of my favorite board games) or even online software games (I am a Diablo fan) can help release some tension but still keep the mind firing.
  • Physical Activity – 20 minutes a day, if that is all you can do, helps your body keep those cortisol levels low. It really also helps with clarity and releasing those calming endorphins. That could involve walking outside, on a treadmill, or on a bike. Do physical challenges like weightlifting, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups from home. One of my favorite things to do is put on some of my EDM music and dance! Not only does it open those chakra’s but it releases all those toxins. It is a great way to start the morning and to top it off, you can make it a silent disco type of thing so no one hears you! I am sure your kids would love to join you in your morning dance’athon to get the day started. I am sure you remember Grey’s Anatomy, if you are a fan, and all the scenes they do of them dancing in a room after a really stressful day!
  • Create a vision board. This is a great activity to do with yourself or with your family and it can be totally inexpensive. Grab a poster board or even just plain paper, cut some phrases and pictures from those old magazines that have piled and make your 2020 vision board. Color the paper if you are feeling really creating and then put phrases and pictures that inspire you all over. Your kids will love doing this and you can put it somewhere that you will look at it daily!

So these are just some ideas of what I do to make the day go by productive and they don’t always need to be. Don’t feel guilty for being lazy because sometimes our body needs it but feed it inspiration too because our bodies love that. I struggle with high-cortisol levels so it is very important for me to have those activities that calm my body and nervous system down. It is important to laugh as much as possible in times like these, reach out and help your fellow citizen who is struggling, and even have a good cry if you need it (very therapeutic and helps release the emotions).

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel with these experiences of self-isolation and we will come out of it stronger on the other side. Who knows, maybe we will possibly be an inspired person who conquers some of their bucket lists and long lost desires? The more love we put for ourselves and to others, then more of that energy will resonate and flow with it. Maybe this is teaching all of us that we collectively as a human race need each other and have to support one another in times of trials.

I am honored to bring some light into your tunnel!

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