Manifesting & Karmic Energetic Shifting – August Theme Of The Month

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As an Intuitive Energy Healer managing clients through COVID, I have been able to sense a karmic energetic shift happening this month with my clients post-Covid. Many are exiting this period of inner hibernation, and really looking at their life from a new perspective. Many are realizing that the old way of life no longer serves them. Based on this new way of being, they are coming to a new consciousness of reality. This shift in consciousness has stemmed from various sources I have seen. such as a partner, current career path, the tribe that surrounds them, or just a realization of how consciously unhappy they are. With the energy moving into August, a month of manifestation as it is a No. 8-month, people are seeking me to help to reevaluate and change their story. To truly change your story and the triggers that arise in your current situation, you must go back to understand the why and where. To really begin the shift of change, you want to understand WHY the triggers and the implants connected to those triggers are keeping you stuck in a life that does not appeal to you anymore and WHERE those triggers first developed in your life.

Triggers are the negative reactions you express now, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously. Triggers are connected to implants which usually come from an early age and are just reactions to “implants” that were energetically connected to you as a child. Implants are false beliefs and truths that were placed within the subconscious child’s energetic system. As the child progresses through their life with the repetition of the implant by their caregiver or sibling, the false belief becomes solidified as reality. Implants are things such as “I am not good enough”, “I am unlovable”, “I am unworthy,” or I don’t deserve”.  Triggers then become expressed, for example, through anger, shame, stress, or grief. This trigger manifests each time the implant is made aware to the person based on a situation they were experiencing currently, things like a career opportunity not being recognized or an argument with a partner about needs not being met. Usually, clients just get past the trigger but it shows up over and over until the subconscious story behind that trigger is brought forth to deal with. It is that story that keeps you limited or stuck within a low vibrational comfort zone that never lets you trust to push past boundaries and let the impossible become possible.

For the first theme of the Month, we will focus on the “Not Good Enough” karmic implant. Imagine from whom that “Not Good Enough” story came from, what age, what scenario. How did it make you feel then? What emotion existed, shame, anger, grief, or resentment for example? It is important to go back to that story and watch the replay in your mind’s eye. Begin with seeing that younger self in the midst of that story. Then just allow yourself the vulnerability to feel the pain for a moment so those deeply repressed emotions can come up and out. Conclude with telling your vulnerable younger self how much they are loved, how you have their back, and how much you will support their growth and their failures. Remind them that they did the best they could, that they did not know any better, and that it had nothing to do with them. Finally, let them know that success is a combination of failures followed by the wisdom of lessons and to grow is to experience both. Be their champion and tell them they are good enough and that you know as the adult will never let anything make them feel that way again.

Once you evolve through these old implants and just allow yourself to be vulnerable, then small shifts will begin to happen. Congratulate yourself on the small achievements and provide yourself with grace through the stuckness. The karmic energies are bringing this energy to the forefront so you can finally deal with it and see the new changes in your life that you are so seeking become conscious reality. The karmic energy is forcing you to deal with it whether you like it or not, it is bringing it to your awareness in the form of unhappiness, anger, frustration, grief, sadness, and so many more emotions.  Take this awareness as it is time to let go of the old, and allow what is in your highest and best to come in!

Much love,
Alexandra – Divine Reconnections

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