Misconceptions of Energy Healing

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Many individuals hold misconceptions about energy healing, leading to unrealistic expectations about its efficacy and process. It’s essential to address these misconceptions to foster a better understanding of what energy healing truly entails:

Immediate Transformation

While some may experience profound shifts after a single session, true healing often requires ongoing commitment and dedication. In just 4-6 months, profound things will shift in a conscious state from new relationship opportunities, closing of old connections, purpose discoveries, new inspiration energies, and more. 

Ease of Process

Energy healing isn’t necessarily effortless; it involves confronting deep-seated wounds and beliefs, which can be challenging and emotionally taxing. It is supposed to feel heavy and hard, that is how you know it is working. Pulling out deep muck in the body is going to be taxing but it is necessary to bring you back to a place of bliss and connection. Just have the patience. 

Quick Fixes

Contrary to popular belief, lasting change typically doesn’t occur overnight. It’s a gradual process that unfolds over time with consistent practice and self-reflection. Is it possible to force a balance in the body quickly? Yes, but it is temporary. Consistency leads to habits and habits lead to change. If you want to easily navigate the triggers or lows that come your way, we have to remove the old behaviors and stories so that it is easier to bounce back. 

Instant Insights

While insights and realizations can occur during energy healing sessions, they may not always be immediate or readily apparent. Inner exploration and understanding take time to unfold. Opening the crown chakra can take time as there may be years of fog and repression. Opening it in layers will result in expansion and new insights having the space to come in. 

Immediate Bliss: 

While relaxation and calmness are common outcomes of energy healing sessions, it’s important to recognize that emotional detoxification and processing may follow, leading to periods of fatigue and emotional release. Just like carbs, my body takes a week to clear it out and get past the keto flu I have. I have to give my body time to detox the muck. You cannot have bliss without having a cleansing process!

Deep transformational Healing Is not meant to be easy & a quick fix. But it will be worth the patience, hard work, and dedication!

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