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With the coronavirus going on I find the biggest lesson I’m going through is self-nurturing and how to make it a daily practice. With all the extra time I have I still truly don’t dedicate enough time to self-nurture ME! I can’t blame it on having kids because it’s just me and my boyfriend. I do have a busy work schedule, but I can’t blame it on that either. This coronavirus containment his teaching all of us a new “norm” to live with.  We are all finding ways to be more creative in our time and space. My biggest lesson here is how to self-nurture my physical body, eat healthier, exercise more at home. When I was actively going to work, I was so much more active and conscious of my health. Being in my home now is like a bear hibernating in its cave and all I want to do is sleep and binge watch my favorite Netflix shows!

The deep layers of your past that you need to heal is always tied to your present so I can consciously say that my avoidance to self-nurture is tied to the abuse of my past. My forever lesson in this lifetime will be self-worth and working on my I am worthy energy. Just recognizing where your avoidance and pain is coming from out loud can help shift your awareness and help you face that first l layer you need to clear. Goes to show you we all have layers that come up at some point in our life that makes us realize we still have a deep space to clear. However, that being said I don’t give up I keep going. It’s okay to fall and lay on that ground for a bit but it’s important to get back up and say we’re going to do this; we’re going to get through this! I’ve made a conscious effort to tackle my health and my health issues, very slight that they are, but they are affecting how I feel about me. It’s so easy to worry and care for others and make sure they’re living their best life but so much harder to look inward and make you the champion of your life!

So how have I creatively tackled my challenge? I’ve decided to take a baby step, which is the most important First Step you can do. I built a calendar where I visually can put sticky notes of every day at work out. I’m going to Mark the days that I eat healthy and celebrate them every single day. I’m going to schedule 2 days a week where I take a bath as if it was a meeting like I have to do at work. I’m the worst person when it comes to supplements and taking them on time so I’m going to schedule my vitamins so that I get  a reminder to take them on time every day. I even made a session with a dietitian to help me be my advocate and finding the creative ways to make this fun. We all need our own support person, that person that can be our sounding board to help us keep going forward. It’s so important to have a support group or even a support person that can help us face the darker side of our challenges and the dream we have for ourselves. So, I’m going to face this is a blank canvas, an opportunity for a do-over! It’s the action of our in-actions that makes a difference. By doing something to tackle the hard stuff that we don’t want to face makes the energy of manifestation happen. Just that one activity will shift the energy in your space to allow you to be open to the next step and the next and the next.

So stay tuned as I will document my daily forward movement and the challenges I bump up against in this next month.

I come with the hopes that maybe it will help you and your challenge and give you some ways creatively to inspire you to face the same challenge and choose a new healthy journey to begin!

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