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Transformational energy healing sessions help with...

  • Physical body pains, ailments, and inflammation
  • Relieving chronic emotional and mental stress from past trauma, family issues, and self-abuse
  • Clearing disruptions and triggers that are keeping you in a stuck mindset
  • Clearing the monkey mind chatter in your head so you can feel clear-headed and clear-minded.
  • Balancing your chakras, body, emotional and parasympathetic systems, resulting in noticeable shifts immediately
  • Improves relaxation, clarity, stamina, and feeling grounded
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Intuitive Energy Healing Tune-In Session

Long-distance or Virtual

Session Costs:

Individual Sessions: $150 – 1 hour 15 minutes (15 minute check-in)

Monthly Subscription Special Available:

$139/month (With a 6-month subscription)

10% Off Any Products

10% Off Deep Restorative Sound Spa Session

FSH and HSA Cards Are Now Being Accepted As Payment Options!

Note: Limited Sponsorships Offered. Please Call To Discuss Individually.

Each session focuses on connecting to the body to see what blocks are in place causing mental or physical issues.  Multiple tools will be utilized as the session progresses to help go deep within the cellular level and break up the energies present. Alex will connect psychically to help see what is there beneath the surface and provide guided information on everything that comes up during the session.

In this 1 hour session, we will:

  • Connect to each of the chakras and the emotional energies that are present in the body system.
  • Set forgiveness intention healings to break up the negative energies present.
  • Connect to your inner child for any messages and visualizations they want to provide and release.
  • Use intuitive energy healing, sound vibration therapy, aromatherapy, and crystal therapy to go deep within the body, and release the stuck and negative emotions within the body.

At the end of the session, you will feel lighter and physically calmer. Guided messages will be provided at the end of the session on what was channeled. Practical solutions will be offered to help keep the energy flowing.

Consistent sessions will help keep the body in flow and allow an easier ability to process emotions, stress, and anxiety preventing from any stuck situations occuring. Keeping the body’s energy flowing and the parasympathetic system calm will result in long-term benefits to the mind, body, and emotional systems. You’ll experience immediate shifts within your physical, mental, spiritual, and conscious or subconscious space with this remarkable Energy Healing Tune-In Session.


Transformational Deep Healing Session

Long-distance or Virtual

Session Costs:

Individual Sessions: $150 (Session length is 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Packaged Rates Available:

$400 for 3 sessions (A savings of $50)

$765 for 6 sessions (A savings of $135)

$1500 for 12 sessions (A savings of $300)

FSH and HSA Cards Are Now Being Accepted As Payment Options!

Note: Limited Scholarships Sessions Offered. Please Call  Individually To Discuss.

Each session focuses on identifying what the body is holding from a cellular level and emotional connection. Family dynamics are discussed to see what belief and emotional systems were adopted. Deep healing is conducted with various methods to help assist open the layers of healing, move through blocked mindsets, and help shift behaviors that are no longer relevant.

In this 2-hour session, we will:

  • Intuitive connect to your energetic space to see what underlying threads exist causing the current disruptions
  • Identify the hosts that are causing emotional, physical, and energetic triggers to happen
  • Conduct energetic chord releases to remove any triggering connection and reset boundaries
  • Release any ancestral contracts that have been put in place that are causing repetitive behaviors and triggers
  • Release any possible past life situations resulting in negative current behaviors
  • Release any child-connected traumas through safe regression therapy that have created blocks and mindset behaviors
  • Utilize harmonic sound and energy healing to help go deep within the cellular level to break apart the stuck energy and begin to bring it to the surface.

What to expect over a consistent six-month period:

  • Direct and indirect physical and emotional disruptions will have settled and disappeared
  • Current triggers, causing defensive or negative behaviors to arise, will disseminate or be reduced significantly
  • Easier ability to speak your truth and speak your power
  • Improved boundary management
  • A new level of awareness will form making it easier to manage and dis-engage from triggering events
  • A new understanding of your level of acceptance and non-acceptance
  • Self-connection to the real you and what you really want
  • Better ability to stand in your power unapologetically
  • Feeling connected to your current path and surroundings

Regression therapy entails working with the child and shadow energies of the past in a safe setting so the old repressed emotions and pain can begin to move out. During the first part of the session, past childhood events will be revisited so the old emotional pain and triggers can be felt and released, comfort will be provided to the child from that time, and then finally restructure the old story by utilizing your power to realign how the story should have been at that time. Old contracts from past lives will be reviewed and closed out to begin to shift some of the repressed buried emotions.

You will receive practical solutions and activities to keep the body in flow continuously. You’ll experience noticeable shifts within your physical, mental, spiritual, and conscious or subconscious space with this remarkable Transformational Deep Healing package.


Deep Restorative Sound Spa Session

Long-distance or Virtual

Individual Sessions:

60 minutes – $110

90 minutes – $160

Couple Sound Bath Vibrational & Aromatherapy Healing:

60 Minutes – $150

Youth Sound Bath Vibrational & Aromatherapy Healing:

60 minutes: $110

Monthly Subscriptions Offered: 10% Discount Special


Private Group Classes: $40 / person with 5 minimum person requirement


A sound bath will focus on calming your auric and ethereal bodies so that the body can come back to a balanced state. The sessions will help alleviate any parasympathetic disruptions, detox the body, reduce any inflammation in the body, and calm any physical ailments. Inflammation can take place causing increased water retention, painful joints and muscles, and disruption to nervous system function. Imbalances within the body that physically manifest in the forms of headaches, chronic stress, anxiety, sleep disruption, digestive malfunctions, and body aches will be corrected.  That’s because sound baths not only help ease the imbalanced energy within your mind, body, and spirit but ease physical manifestations as well.

All the bowls used are made from seven different metals from a region of Nepal. They’ve been created and crafted with positive intentions as they were individually hammered by hand during chanting, making their vibrational sound especially powerful! During the session, you will receive a spa-like treatment with your hands and feet wrapped in hot towels, deep vibration and heated healing from the bowls, and aromatherapy to assist in relaxation. At the end of a session, your body will feel extremely calm, relaxed, and any tension throughout the body will have dissipated.

Youth sessions are now available! Bring your child in for a session if they are experiencing any high anxiety, nervousness, stress, or digestive issues. Sound bath sessions soothe their nervous system, calm their minds, and help re-balance their energy levels resulting in a calmer sense of feeling. Long-term benefits have been shown with consistent sessions.

Group Sound Baths are offered! Private sound bath offerings are available for multiple types of events, contact Alex for inquiry. Check out the calendar for group classes around the Greater Denver Metroplex!

  • Bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Ladies night
  • Family gatherings
  • Corporate events/outings/quarterly meetings

Intuitive Home Blessings, Clearings, and Healings

individual Sessions: $150
Session Length:  ~2.5 hrs.

Clearing the energy in a home helps to balance positive intentions, motivation, and happiness within that home. Keeping a room clear and uplifted helps keep the body and mind at peace and in a calm state. Placing certain crystals, light objects, and flower essences in strategic places can enhance the mood of a room. Bringing more positive intentions and light into a room produces clarity, inspiration, romance, and a zest for life.

Receive a home blessing, clearing, or sagging, and feel the higher vibration in your home!

Home blessings will: ​

  • Bring light, manifestation, and positive intentions into each room of your home by virtue of sound vibrational healing
  • Remove any negative energy that’s bringing the chi of the room down or making you feel lethargic and tired
  • Clear away any energies from previous homeowners
  • Channel messages and suggestions from your guides


  • Alex is a highly-attuned energetic healer! She intuitively improved a physical issue with my arm. She offers coaching suggestions so I could continue healing and developing outside of the sessions. Her knowledge and intuitive insights are sure to assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

    LaChelle Amos Client
  • Alex performed remote healing for me and was very impressed with the results! I felt great calmness and relaxation afterward. Alex is a down-to-earth spiritual healer with excellent intuition. She knew which chakras needed work, used multiple healing techniques, and shared her intuitive expertise after the session, leading to further healing.

    Kris Gibbs Client
  • I've done several virtual healing sessions with Alexandra and each one has been more transformative than the last! She is truly a light and a gifted healer – we've been healing some very deep, generational wounds and the expansion that's continuing to unfold is undeniable (even my friends and family have commented on it).

    Makenna Nielsen Client
  • I have had 3 healing sessions now with Alexandra I can already feel the shift and changes. I am excited to continue on this journey of healing with Alexandra. After my last session, I felt more energetic than I have in years and had one of the best days!! I have already told several friends about how she has helped me shift my thinking to allow positive healing changes in my life. One of my friends said she has noticed I seem less stressed and happier over the last month! Thank you again for helping me work through some challenging things during our sessions you truly have a great gift. I am glad you decided to share it with the world. - Nicole Hollenbeck

    Nicole Hollenbeck Client
  • I love seeing Alex...after a session, I felt relaxed and happy. -Elijah Hall

    Elijah Hall Age 13
  • Alex came to my house to perform an energy clearing and it was much more than I expected! She thoughtfully went through every room in the house, saged it thoroughly, strategically placed various crystals in places that needed more help energetically, and gave me guidance on what I could do at a certain time to bring the energy up (rearranging, redecorating, etc). She spent almost 2 hours in my small home, which speaks to how thorough she gets. We immediately felt a shift in the energy of our home. She even gave my 11-year-old son spray to help him feel more relaxed in his room (which had the heaviest energy). Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness is top-tier. Highly recommend her services. - Tiffany B.

    Tiffany B.

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