Calming, Clearing, and Protections Collections Spray

Essential oil collection that will calm, clear, release, and protect your energy as well as any home or office!
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This calming, clearing, and protection spray is a multi-use collection that can be used to move energy around yourself and your home. Lavender and Lavender Sage are great sprays to calm the nervous system, slow down the mental chatter and anxiety within the mind, and help soothe any tension within the body. The Palo Santo is a deep penetrating clearing and protection spray that helps move energy from a cellular level and clear any energies you have picked up from others. It is what I use in my energy work to open and close the energies and move any deep emotions from my cellular body. The Sage spray is great for clearing the energies in a home and/or opening the healing space for a meditation and breathwork connection. It is important to sage your home and your space on a regular basis to clear any energies lingering from others and raise the vibration in your home to help with manifestation.

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