Divine Feminine Spray Aromatherapy Crystal Mist

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Divine Feminine

  • Includes Jasmine and Moonstone. Moonstone is a powerful activating crystal. It enhances the psychic and creative energies and stirs the flow of change and inspiration. It helps emotionally connect to the body, and mind and connects to the inner vision within you.
  • Great for when you want to get the sparkly, creative flow going to help with your creative hobbies and passions.
  • For those that need more Divine Feminine Energy or for those looking to enhance their already strong Feminine Energy.
  • Great when you need are trying to connect to your Guides and Angels as this helps bring them forth.
  • Opens the energy of receiving so that your giving and receiving energies can be more balanced.
  • This has a fabulous smell and is my top seller in the collection.
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