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If you have loved getting a sound bath then this is something you will love. It is a handheld sound vibration bowl that provides the ability to self-heal any energy yourself. My clients have asked for something to be able to clear their energies, ground themselves, and move any emotional tension or stress.

Easy to use by either slightly tapping the bowl and auditorily bringing in the vibration to calm, soothe, and clear the body or rubbing the bowl with the mallet to produce a deep vibration that can be used to smudge the energy around your auric field which will help move and settle any negative energy being held within the body. I use this to clear myself after every energy healing session and at the end of the day to move out any energies I have picked up that are not my own.

When you tap the bowl you can close your eyes and feel the energy drop to your feet, grounding you quickly and settling your mind to help with clarity of thought.

Malet included with purchase. Chakra styles: A, B, G, F, E, D, and C can all be ordered. Sizes 6-6.5" in diameter.

A video tutorial will be included with the purchase to assist in the correct placement and use of the bowl.

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