Intuitive Home Blessings, Clearings, and Healings

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    Clearing the energy in a home helps to balance positive intentions, motivation, and happiness within that home. Keeping a room clear and uplifted helps keep the body and mind at peace and in a calm state. Placing certain crystals, light objects, and flower essences in strategic places can enhance the mood of a room. Bringing more positive intentions and light into a room produces clarity, inspiration, romance, and a zest for life.

    Receive a home blessing, clearing, or sagging, and feel the higher vibration in your home!

    Home blessings will:

    • Bring light, manifestation, and positive intentions into each room of your home by virtue of sound vibrational healing
    • Remove any negative energy that’s bringing the chi of the room down or making you feel lethargic and tired
    • Clear away any energies from previous homeowners
    • Channel messages and suggestions from your guides
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