Past Life Regression Sessions - 3 Sessions

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Your past life regression will include working with the child and shadow energies of the past so the old repressed emotions and pain can begin to move out. During the first part of the session, past childhood events will be revisited so the old emotional pain and triggers can be felt and released, comfort will be provided to the child from that time, and then finally restructure the old story by utilizing your power to realign how the story should have been at that time. Old contracts from past lives will be reviewed and closed out in order to begin to shift some of the repressed buried emotions.

Different techniques will be used to go back through the story of the past in a safe but productive setting. Over time, the body will begin to release the stored pain and emotions and allow for a shift to happen to the energetic body. This will result in any current triggers, causing defensive or negative behaviors to arise, to begin to disseminate, and over time stop the frequent reappearance. With the help of Alex, you will be able to be aware of the triggers before they become a story and stop them from taking hold.

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