Shungite Necklace

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Shungite is a very rare and powerful stone. It is almost 2 billion years old. It is known for its incredible healing and protection properties. It is a stone of purification and removes toxins from the body. It can clear and reinvigorate each Chakra and supports the immune and lymphatic systems. It is also said to be beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, soothing insomnia, and boosting overall balance. It protects one from negative energy and counteracts the effects of EMFs. Its vibration can clear the energy of an entire room. It improves mental clarity and purifies one's thoughts and intentions. It is the only known natural mineral to contain fullerenes which is a crystalline form of carbon.

*Important to cleanse your necklace of all energies once a week. Can be put in the sun for 20 minutes, under a full moon, recharge with a Selenite plate, or spray with some Palo Santo to clear the energy off of this.

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