Sound Bath Vibrational Healing - 90 Min

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A sound bath will focus on calming your auric and ethereal bodies so that any imbalanced energy present can dissipate. Imbalances within the body that physically manifest in the forms of headaches, chronic stress, anxiety, sleep disruption, digestive malfunctions, and body aches will be corrected. That’s because sound baths not only help ease the imbalanced energy within your mind, body, and spirit but ease physical manifestations as well. All the bowls used are made from seven different metals from a region of Nepal. They’ve been created and crafted with positive intentions as they were individually hammered by hand during chanting, making their vibrational sound especially powerful! At the end of a session, you’ll feel completely relaxed, calm, and in a balanced state.

Group Sound Baths are offered! Classes are offered for multiple types of events, contact Alex for more information.

  • Bachelorette parties
  • Ladies night
  • Family gatherings
  • Corporate events/outings
  • Outdoor venues
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