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Welcome to Divine Reconnections

Do you feel as if you’re only partially present in your own life?

    • Feeling Stuck
    • Mental and physical burnout
    • Past trauma
    • Relationship issues
    • Physical ailments
    • Recurring emotional triggers
    • Mental obstacles
    • Negative patterns
    • Low energy
    • Boundaries
    • Voice not being heard
    • ADHD issues
    • Sleep disruptions

    ….then let Alexandra help you!

      Present experiences can contribute to and trigger negative reactions to our mind, body, energy, and spirit. When you don’t treat the symptoms, they begin to pile up, cause disruptions, and then eventually the universe will cause an eruption!


      How Can Divine Reconnections Help?

      As your personal Transformational Healer, Alexandra Falticeni can help you stay connected, in the flow, and manifest a life that brings you happiness through:

      • Moving past old patterns and triggers
      • Cleansing the entire nervous and parasympathetic systems
      • Healing your mind, body, and energy systems
      • Resolving family issues to bring things into positive alignment
      • Clearing any blocks relating to boundaries, self-care, power, love, communication, feeling connected, and self-worth
      • Redefining your energetic boundaries
      • Providing tools that will help empower you to continue your inner work and stay in the flow

      What is Transformation Healing? 

      Spiritual growth is like the Tree of Life, the transformation begins with a seed, then with beautiful light that brings love and nourishment, it soon sprouts arms of strength and a crown that reaches towards the universe for wisdom and expansion. its roots anchor into Mother Earth to connect with her source of power, receiving the nourishment it needs to grow, recycle, and transform. The heart of the tree pulsates with power, strength, and connection, bringing wholeness to the whole foundation.

      We Proudly Offer the Following Services:

      • Transformational Healing
      • Sound Bath Vibrational Healing
      • Intuitive & Psychic Counseling
      • Couple & Youth Counseling
      • Intuitive Home Blessings, Clearings, & Healings
      • Intuitive Group Classes & Workshops, & Healings

      We Proudly Offer the Following Services:

      • Intuitive Energy Healing 
      • Transformational Healing
      • Sound Bath Vibrational Healing
      • Intuitive Home Blessings, Clearings, & Healings

      Chakras: Concentrated Energy Centers of the Body

      Your Chakras are the emotional and action centers witin the body.

      The Heart is the center that connects you to everything! It’s the powerful beacon that connects everything from source to Mother Earth. The Solar Plexus is where transformation begins, where the subconscious and conscious reconnect, and where the paradigm of your current reality exists. This is where your Core Being exists, and it is the connection that keeps all of your Chakras balanced.

      If one of the Chakras is out of balance or disconnected, then the rest become unbalanced, and your mind, body, and energy systems can be affected, which then affects your current reality.

      If you want to change any trauma or a false paradigm that exists, then you must go within to understand what lies there and what needs to be cleared to bring the story you want to experience.

      Reiki therapy with girl working as spirit healer, arranging crystals and gemstones on female client for treatment

      Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?

      • Traumas that are affecting your personal and professional life
      • Struggles with relationships or connections with others
      • Inability to self-prioritize and self-care
      • Burnout
      • Physical ailments that will not alleviate
      • Negative, repetitive patterns
      • Tired or low-energy
      • Depression, unhappiness or feeling lost

      If you are experiencing any of the above and want to live a happy, abundant, and joyful life, then I can help you release and reconnect your system to match this vibration. You need an accountability partner to help you move the old resonances that no longer serve you so you can manifest the story of your life. To recalibrate the brain to believe a new mindset, you must go deep and remove the old behaviors at the cellular level.

      Getting a healing makeover is like getting a Mind, Body, and ENERGY MASSAGE while clearing away the cobwebs that keep you stuck in the same place!

      I am honored to be of service and am here to help you release, renew, and reconnect back into alignment so that you can shine that bright light that exists within you.

      Choose YOU and the opportunities will be abundant!


      • Alex is a highly-attuned energetic healer! She intuitively improved a physical issue with my arm. She offers coaching suggestions so I could continue healing and developing outside of the sessions. Her knowledge and intuitive insights are sure to assist you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

        LaChelle Amos Client
      • Alex performed remote healing for me and was very impressed with the results! I felt great calmness and relaxation afterward. Alex is a down-to-earth spiritual healer with excellent intuition. She knew which chakras needed work, used multiple healing techniques, and shared her intuitive expertise after the session, leading to further healing.

        Kris Gibbs Client
      • I've done several virtual healing sessions with Alexandra and each one has been more transformative than the last! She is truly a light and a gifted healer – we've been healing some very deep, generational wounds and the expansion that's continuing to unfold is undeniable (even my friends and family have commented on it).

        Makenna Nielsen Client
      • I have had 3 healing sessions now with Alexandra I can already feel the shift and changes. I am excited to continue on this journey of healing with Alexandra. After my last session, I felt more energetic than I have in years and had one of the best days!! I have already told several friends about how she has helped me shift my thinking to allow positive healing changes in my life. One of my friends said she has noticed I seem less stressed and happier over the last month! Thank you again for helping me work through some challenging things during our sessions you truly have a great gift. I am glad you decided to share it with the world. - Nicole Hollenbeck

        Nicole Hollenbeck Client
      • I love seeing Alex...after a session, I felt relaxed and happy. -Elijah Hall

        Elijah Hall Age 13
      • Alex came to my house to perform an energy clearing and it was much more than I expected! She thoughtfully went through every room in the house, saged it thoroughly, strategically placed various crystals in places that needed more help energetically, and gave me guidance on what I could do at a certain time to bring the energy up (rearranging, redecorating, etc). She spent almost 2 hours in my small home, which speaks to how thorough she gets. We immediately felt a shift in the energy of our home. She even gave my 11-year-old son spray to help him feel more relaxed in his room (which had the heaviest energy). Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness is top-tier. Highly recommend her services. - Tiffany B.

        Tiffany B.

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